DCA to check out cultural effect of computer games

A brand-new exhibition checking out the cultural impact of computer games will happen at Dundee Contemporary Arts over summer.Little Wars and CD_ROMS has actually been curate in partnership with Dr William Huber, head of the Centre for Excellence in Game Education at Abertay University and will coincide with a conference the university is hosting for academics and game teachers.

Twenty-eight stone men who gorged on junk food

While playing computer games loses HALF his body weight - and is now searching for black ops 3 hacks a soulmate.A single man who regularly ate pizza, chips, crisps and family size pork pies has lost 15 stone after he became too heavy for his scales.

Tehran obstructs sale of computer game depicting Iran's 1979 revolution

The Iranian program has prohibited the sale of a video-game that offers players a first-person viewpoint of the 1979 Iranian transformation."1979 Revolution: Black Friday", which was produced by an Iranian-born online game designer and his spouse and released back in April to acclaim for its historically precise representation of the Iranian transformation.


























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